[23] Blowing two Silver Trumpets on the Day that Begins each Month

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Num 10:1-2, “And YHWH spoke to Moses saying, Make yourself two trumpets of silver. You shall make them of a hammered piece. And they shall be for summoning the assembly and for the breaking of the camps [to prepare to travel].”

The Hebrew noun (used as a gerund) that I translated “summoning” is meekra and has Strong's number 4744 (see BDB page 896, column 2). The Hebrew noun that I translated “assembly” is adah and has Strong's number 5712 (see BDB page 417, column 1).

Num 10:8, “And Aaron's sons, the priests, shall blow with [the two silver] trumpets.”

Num 10:10, “And on [the] day of your gladness, and on your appointed times [4150 moed], and on the beginnings of your months [2320 chodesh], you shall blow with [the two silver] trumpets over your burnt offerings and over [the] sacrifices of your peace offerings, and they shall be to you for a memorial before your Almighty; I am YHWH your Almighty.”

Two general purposes are mentioned for these two silver trumpets in verse 2: (1) summoning the assembly, and (2) for the breaking of the camps. The latter purpose is relevant during the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness when they journeyed from place to place, and they also journeyed when going to war. Whenever the relevant people were called together for the purposes mentioned in this section, the trumpets were blown in specific ways to signal the nature of the event.

This shows that the Levitical priests were to blow two silver trumpets on all the important occasions, which included the first day of each month as well as on the appointed-times, and the latter include each seventh day recurring Sabbath as shown in Lev 23:2-3.