[18] A Month is a Cycle of the Moon

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No discussion has yet been given concerning the meaning of appointedtimes in Gen 1:14.

Ps 104:19, "He made the moon [3394 yahrayach] for appointed-times [4150 moed], the sun knows its going-away."

This use of appointed-times establishes that the moon is one of the heavenly bodies specifically indicated in Gen 1:14.

I Ki 6:38, "And in the eleventh year in the month [3391 yerach] Bul, it [is] the eighth month [2320 chodesh], the house was finished for all its parts and for all its plans, thus he built it seven years."
I Ki 8:2, "And all the men of Israel were assembled toward King Solomon at the feast in the month [3391 yerach] Ethanim, which [is] the seventh month [2320 chodesh]."

Strong's number 3394 for moon (yahrayach) and Strong's number 3391 for month (yerach) have the same three Hebrew consonants and look the same when the vowels points are removed. (In the Hebrew language the 22 letters shown in the sections of Ps 119 are called consonants even though some of them act as vowels. The original Hebrew text of the Scriptures only had these 22 consonants. The vowels points (and some such marks are more than points, but that is the term by which they are called in Hebrew school) were added to aid pronunciation by the Masoretes about the year 650. This identical original appearance in the Hebrew word for moon (3394) and the Hebrew word for month (3391) shows that a biblical month is a cycle of the moon. These verses, I Ki 6:38; 8:2, also have another word for month [2320 chodesh], and it shows that the two different words, yerach and chodesh, indicate the same thing, a month.