VaYelekh “And he went Devarim 31:1-30

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In verse 3 we find an interesting little item.  Here YHWH has said that He is going over the Jordan BEFORE Yisrael.  Also, He states that Jehoshua is going before Yisrael.  The reference is almost certainly a poetic parallelism.  We see the ideas presented as:

3. YHWH your Eloah, he will go over before you, and he will destroy these nations from before you, and you shall possess them;

and then again as:

and Joshua{Yehoshua}, he shall go over before you, as the YHWH has said:
4. And YHWH shall do to them as he did to Sihon and to Og, kings of the Amorites, and to the land of them, whom he destroyed:
5. And YHWH shall give them up before your face, that you may do to them according to all the commandments which I have commanded you:

We can see by the way He organized the wording that in the context YHWH is referring to Himself in both places, as Yehoshua ben Nun is referenced specifically later.  A parallel is drawn then as a Messianic reference to the manifestation of YHWH as Yeshua (Salvation).  In future prophecy, Yeshua(Salvation) becomes the leader of Yisrael and leads her in the Olam Haba.

Yehoshua is told not to be afraid nor be discouraged.  In this, he is warned that Yisrael may not always do what is correct, nor would they always win in battle, because of her disobedience.  He is told that YHWH would protect them and lead them.

We are then given the warning to do ALL the words of YHWH‘s Torah.  We are instructed to read them every seven years at Succoth.  Not just Yisrael is to hear and do, but even the sojourner that is within their gates is to hear and do.  This seems to be a recurring theme in Debarim.  Learn and obey:Life and Death:Blessing and Cursing.

YHWH then warns Yehoshua of Moshe’s impending death, and that Yisrael would certainly go after other “gods”.   He also warned that in the day that they do it, His wrath would be against them and that He would hide His face from them. 

You know, sometimes in this era, many people wonder why their prayers are not heard.  Why, if there is a “god” would He let these atrocities occur?  Why, Why , Why???

Well the answer is write there in scripture, the very scripture that the writers of the Ketivim Netzarim (new Testament) taught from, the very scripture that Rabbi’s have taught from for centuries, the very scripture we should be teaching from today as the basis of our beliefs: The Tanakh!

Our instruction is there.  We are warned that YHWH will “hide His face” from us if we do not learn and guard to do all the words of Torah, which He has given us.  Now, there may be some discrepancies among us as to how we should carry out each specific instruction, but to not perform them is like telling Him that we don’t care if He listens.  And then we wonder why He doesn’t.

I had a friend in high school who was essentially agnostic.  He would say, “God has never done anything for me, why should I believe in Him?”.  The reverse would be far closer to the truth: If you do nothing for Him, If you question His existence, If you ignore Him, why should He do anything for you?

Even today, when we are in distress, we tend to run to prayer seeking relief from whatever persecution or trial we are under.  Most of the time we have placed ourselves outside of His protection when these things occur.  Of course, time and chance happen to everyone, and sometimes, bad things occur which there is no control over.

We are supposed to remember that there are reasons for not being blessed and for being cursed.  We are supposed to repent, and turn back to YHWH to observe and obey His instruction.

Most of Christendom does not even know how to repent, having rejected Torah.  Without knowing about and accepting Torah as a way of life prescribed by YHWH , how does one repent?  Repent of what?  Being a nice or not nice person?  The scripture has many righteous individuals in it who, by our standards today, would be considered not nice persons.  So the only standard given to us that we are to judge ourselves by is the Torah which YHWH gave to us almost 6000 years ago.  When we repent, we need to turn back to that Torah.  If we expect YHWH to hear us when we cry out, we had better be doing, or trying to do what He instructed us to do.

Before the Song of Moshe is given. There are three witnesses set against the people.  These three witnesses are the written Torah, which was placed beside the Ark of the Covenant, the Heavens, and the Earth.  So if one thinks that he does anything in secret, he is wrong for these three witnesses see him in secret and report his actions to YHWH. 

Shabbat Shalom