Netsavim “You are Standing” Debarim 29:10 – 30:20

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For those seeking a circumcised heart this is an interesting section.  In verse 6 we are told that YHWH will give us a circumcised heart.  Jewish literature refers to this section as Moshe giving us a “New Covenant”.  What is meant by this is that it is another covenant, or an additional covenant.  The covenants in scripture build on one another, so that one does not destroy the other.   If one covenant replaced another covenant, then our Elohim would have lied to us.  He said in each of these covenants that they are forever and ever, throughout all your generations…  So, if a covenant is destroyed then we cannot take YHWH at His word.  Since this is NOT possible, then the interpretation that leads one to believe that a covenant is done away must instead be a false doctrine, for each covenant builds upon the previous.  They refine us in to a closer relationship with Elohim.

We are told that the Torah is not too hard to do.  Is HaShem a deceiver?  Did He tell us that we could do this, when we really couldn’t?  One of the things Yahshua did was to demonstrate that the Torah could be kept in its perfection, that it wasn’t too far off.  A parable on this is found in The Midrash Says by Moche Weissman 1985 pp 324-325:

A fool enters the Beis Hamidrash.  Notice the other Jews studying with ferver, he inquires, “How does one become proficient in Torah?” He is told, “After learning the Alef-Bet one progresses to scripture, and from there to the prophets, and finally to Mishna and Gemara.”

The fool thinks,:How can I ever master all that?”  He gives up before he begins.

The wise person, though, acts like the sharper of two men who notice a loaf of bread dangling from a string that is suspended from the ceiling.  One commented, ”Look, it’s so high up that we could never get it down.”  The other thought, “Someone obviously hung it there! There must be a way of getting it down.”  He brought ladders and rods and fished for the bread until he finally pulled it down.
Similarly, the wise person says, “Let me learn some Torah today, some more tomorrow, and a new portion each day until I eventually master it.”

We are warned that at a future time Israel would depart from YHWH and that we would serve other gods.  And so we have for the most part.  In our departure from Torah, we have come to serve other gods.  We, as a western culture, serve them in our religious customs from whence they originated.  We are warned that doing as the pagans around us do to their gods to YHWH will not be accepted.  It doesn’t matter how good it feels.  It doesn’t matter how much fun it is.  It doesn’t matter how many others are doing it.  It doesn’t matter that Billy said it was O.K.  Some have told me they do it for the kids, that it promotes a strong family atmosphere, or that it is not all that important and that there are far more important things to worry about.  Really?  I think they need to read Ezekiel chapters 8 & 9, which plainly describe the Easter practices as defined by the Roman Catholic Church and practiced by her daughters, the protestant churches.  You will see the cause and effect at Messiah’s coming of these practices.

When the curses reach their height we are told that we would do Teshuva and be returned to the land from where ever it is we have been dispersed to.  Even unto the furthest reaches under heaven.  This is perhaps the first inkling that before teshuva as a nation will occur, we will be traveling into space.  And by the phrasing some may not come back right away.

We are finally promised that we have life and death set before us on that day. We are told to choose life, so that we may live.  If we reject Torah, we choose death.  If we accept and seek after it,, we choose life.  Blessings and cursings.  Life and Death. So choose life and live

Blessings in the name of Messiah, Shabbat Shalom.