Ki Tavo Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8

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In this portion, we are told what we are to do and not to do when we come into the land of Israel from our great journey through the wilderness.  We are given blessings and cursings in these final instructions. 

It is interesting that in giving these things, there is little among them that most of the religious community would object to ( as a matter of moral practice ).  However, when examining Deb 27:26, we find:

Cursed be he who does not maintain all the words of this Torah to do them; And all the people shall say, Amen: {emphasis added}

This means, ALL. Not some, or the ones a person finds convenient, but all.  The Torah constists of 5 books of instruction.  Not a few phrases that might seem to be good ideas.  I remember growing up and hearing parents complain that they never received an instruction manual for raising their children.  Most newly married couples do receive one, they just don’t read it.  Why? Because their pastor or priest told them that it didn’t apply, or was too complicated for them, or that they should leave the study of the Old Testament to them and let them interpret it for them so that they don’t get confused. 

Confused???  How could one not become confused when from the pulpit one hears, “it is nailed to the cross” but the book, on which their beliefs are supposed to be based, says “forever and ever, through out all your generations….”  Of course they would get confused.

As I read through the list of items that one is immediately cursed for, I was amazed at how many of them are in current practice in the western world.  Starting from verse 15 in this chapter and going to then end, I would say that within any given month the news media will have a report of at least one individual breaking at least one of these instructions, and probably more.  Over the course of a year, one can virtually guarantee that all of these things will have been reported in public media somewhere.

It may be interesting to note verse 17, in light of Israel’s historical land battles with her surrounding nations.   Israel is in constant turmoil over borders.  It seems as if the Palistinian Arabs adjust what they believe their borders are on a daily basis.  Then they wonder why their lives, as a people in the region are so miserable.  They are under a curse.  Every time they go to battle with Israel to steal more land, Israel not only defends her borders, but is capable and has at times, expanded her borders in the repulsion of armies seeking to “move their neighbor’s boundries”.

As we move into Chapter 28, we start out with short listing of blessings, but incredible ones they are.  But the blessings are conditional, they involve walking in His ways, upholding and observing His Torah.  If we don’t then we fall under the cursings as previously stated and then stated again further on in Chapter 28. 

I have heard teachers in Christendom tell me that the curses here are all nailed to the cross or tree, but that the blessings remain…  Remain for what purpose?  If we are not observance Torah – ie. Studying it and putting it into action in our lives, then we are ignoring it and just doing our own thing.  In the ignoring of Torah, we don’t get the blessings.  By default there is no middle ground.  There are blessings and cursings. Period.  If your are not in the camp of blessing, then what camp are you in?

For those who do not think that the western world has fallen under a curse… Read through Chapter 28.  How many of the items listed can we find current examples of?
You may not be able to find an example of all of these things, but you will find a frighteningly high percentage.

I know of people with boils that the doctors can’t cure.  These are believing people who know the history of the Christian church, yet don’t seem to care.   I can see the plague of locust here in Texas by driving down virtually any country road.  The failing of crops is increasing.  Men take wives and become engaged yet other men sleep with them.  Other people eat the fruit of our land, while people in our own country starve.  The earth in my area is like bronze, ie very hard, in the summer.  The heat can be unbearable at times.  Diseases are becoming worse and worse so that doctors can’t even identify them all…  Yet we are considered to be blessed among the nations… How much worse is for them?  We have much here in the way of knowledge and instruction.  Yet, for all we have the most powerful teaching in our country, and possibly the world is that the Torah is not for today.  And we wonder why all these things come upon us.  With every disaster, we see a short burst of people going to the Christian churches.  But they don’t stay long, and even if they did it would make little difference, because they are rejecting Torah.  And in that rejection our nation as a whole becomes cursed.

The final command in this section we are told yet again, that if we will follow this Torah, which He gave us, we would prosper in all that we do.  1, 2 3, more? Witnesses to tell us to Observe Torah.  So let the matter be established.

Shabbat Shalom.