Practical Kabbalah in the Community of Believers

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There are several kinds of Practical Kabbalah that have been used or are being used by believers and non believers:

  • For establishing a close personal relationship with Elohim
  • For protecting others, or the community
  • For personal gain, to manipulate others or the physical reality


Relationship with Elohim

In a sense, all who try to be Torah observant are using Practical Kabbalah to establish a closer relationship to Elohim. We go to the appointed places at the appointed times and perform the scriptural rituals to the best of our ability and current knowledge. We do this because Elohim said so, and that is good enough for us. It proves that we love Him: "If you love Me, keep My commandments".

In fact, we are instructed to "Conform to the Image or Elohim", but most people don't even know what that means. The Kabbalist answers the issue with the Sepherotic Tree of Life. With each section representing various aspects of Elohim and the interconnecting lines demonstrating the relationships between the various aspects. Of course, this is a very simplistic explanation and more will need to be written about this in other articles to get a better understanding of how important this is.

Notice that there is no where in any of the sacred texts that says: "If you love Me, teach My commandments". There are those who don't do, but teach, and when in the public eye will pretend that they do. Most of the time however, this is quickly discovered in that the teacher is not able to perform basic ceremonial prayers and will avoid doing so if asked, even with a siddur in front of them.

Please don't miss understand, I am not saying that teaching is wrong. Far from it. Teaching is necessary, but so is the honesty of the teacher.  The teacher should be living and leading by example what he teaches.  HaSatan knows the texts of scripture better than any man.  He could teach Torah flawlessly.  Who knows, he might just be doing that.  He is more likely, however, to teach Torah 90% to 99% accurately.  If he simply introduces 1%-10% error, it is enough to cause many to fall away.

But it is not nearly as likely that HaSatan would be practicing the same Torah he may teach.  Although, the book go Yob (Job) indicates that even HaSatan is required to appear before Elohim at least once a year to make an accounting of where he has been and what he has been doing.  So even though he is the height of rebellion, he still is following the commands of Elohim at some level.

Protection of the Community

In a sense, all events that we view as "miracles" are nothing more than a practical application of Kabbalistic knowledge.  When Moshe (Moses) performed various miracles throughout his life, he did so after learning from Elohim what needed to be done and how. Moshe understood how various aspects of our world are influenced and had learned how to modify the influencing aspects to cause certain effects in our reality. In fact all the prophets did this. Later, there was created a "school of the Prophets" where this knowledge was passed from teacher to student. Those teachers and students understood what various celestial events meant for mankind. Avi ben Mordichai had a book available at one time called "Signs in the Heavens". Although he sets some dates in the book out of his own understanding of various things at the time, the book contains an amazing amount of information related to this topic.

Personal Gain and Manipulation

There are others, however, who study Kabbalah to be able to better control other men. They learn the various attributes so that they can understand where others are "out of balance". They may see a person who shows excessive mercy to others, without proper balance in righteous restraint, and make emotional pleas for aid when it is not needed, or to an excess. They may use this merciful person for many years, because they see the person is out of balance and has not learned to say "no". They may see another who is excessively judgmental and use that person to attack others. The judgmental person may not understand how to properly balance mercy with their judgment and be harsher than a balanced individual may be.

Another technique they use is to state things as fact that in reality are not. In this way, they create an artificial reality. This reality may be accepted by many, even by those who knew the truth. ; It is a common technique in media and governments to declare things as fact that are not. Repeated often enough over time, the artificial truth becomes a reality.

In the fall of 2007, a Nazarene Jewish leader did just that. After being reprimanded for behavior issues unbecoming an elder in the community by an international beit din whose membership he had initially either appointed or nominated, that leader declared their judgment false and declared that he owned the court. Amazingly, his actions were accepted by many, even some who declared that there was nothing wrong with the things he had done. Despite the availability of facts, the leaders own public confessions, and documentation, many continued to believe this leader and accepted his claims. This person declared things which were not true as if they were, then acted as if they were in all his public activities. Even many leaders believed him and continued to follow. To him and those who adjoin themselves to his newly formed group his statements are fact and everything else is L'ShonHara.

This technique is also used by the "name it and claim it" crowd in "Christianity". They declare things to be a certain way and walk as if it were. This technique creates a reality that is not true. It may work for a time, but it is selfish and in the end leads to ruin. "Christianity" in general uses this technique in their general declaration that the "Law" (Torah) is not for today and does not need to be practiced." The statement has no facts to support it and is built on taking various passages of the Ketuvim Netzarim (Writings fo the Nazarenes/New Testament) out of context or by using errant translations. But even in their own bibles, their so called "Old Testament" declares that Torah is forever and to reject those that teach against it.

These techniques for personal gain manipulate the Universe with lies. It is almost always self motivated and the techniques bring the eventual destruction to their practitioners as the Truth always prevails. This is one of the meanings of "sorcery" and "witchcraft" in our English translations. Imagine trying to explain to Elohim on the day of Judgment why you deceived people, why you did not practice the very law you teach from, why you preyed on the imbalances in their lives. Many of these men who do this know better, and yet continue to do it. Makes one wonder whether the Torah is really in their heart, or if they even really believe what they are teaching. Also, can their word be trusted at any level? If they create a translation, can we trust them to translate the text as presented or will they change a masculine to a feminine form or an incomplete verb to a complete verb? Everything they do and every quote they make needs to be verified to ensure they spoke the truth as their word is no longer good enough. They have become as HaSatan. They are lairs.


The use of Practical Kabbalah to draw closer to Elohim is a good thing. Whether we realize it or not, the very act of keeping the Mitvot (Commands) is Practical Kabbalah - even setting aside the Shabbat or keeping the Feasts. They strengthen our relationship with Elohim. The Study of the Torah itself is also an aspect of Practical Kabbalah for the same reasons. Also the gathering of devout ones to pray together as a community is Practical Kabbalah.

The use of Practical Kabbalah by prophets to protect the community or to bring about repentance is also a good thing. The texts of the Prophets are full of such actions. Even the historical writings of some Rabbi's include such examples and how they saved whole communities.

The use of Practical Kabbalah for personal gain is a misappropriation of power and knowledge. It is destruction waiting to happen. It creates ripple effects through the very fabric of the cosmos that brings about illness and financial ruin. Don't think so? Watch those who perform these selfish acts, see what they become, see what their end will be.