Simply, hermenuetics are the logic rules of interpretation and argument for studying and discussing scripture to gain understanding and keep debates on an objective playing field.  The rules help us to understand seeming conflicts within the text.

A Case for Messiah: An Apologetic

Recently my eldest son has come to me asking about things I was convinced he had understanding of. Like many Believers in Messiah who get involved in the Orthodox/Conservative Jewish communities, he is being presented with many ideas and statements that are not, to the untrained person easy to recognize as error.

Some large organizations in the Jewish communities have made it clear that ANYTHING that is done to convince another Jew that Yeshua is NOT Messiah is permissible. This includes speaking Lashon Hara and even bearing false witness against believers - as was demonstrated by a recent article against a New York Messianic group in New Horizons magazine. The authoring organization indicated that they don't need witnesses to the events in question, and they are permitted by halacha to lie and besmirch the character of persons and organizations who promote a faith in Yeshua as Messiah.

To me, and others, this is NOT acceptable. Our halacha does not permit lieing and bearing false witness to accomplish goals. I do understand the logic and I will address it further into the book. Lashon Hara is NOT bearing false witness. It is speaking evil of another for the purpose of defaming the character of the person. This harms the person's credibility. It does not typically address the real problem, but circumvents the argument by attacking the messenger. I will address this issue more later.

My purpose in this book is mainly for my son. I intend to answer issues that he has developed through is interactions in the Orthodox community. I hope that my writing style will be readable and digestible to the rest of the world and it can benefit others as well, but my primary purpose is to my own house hold.

When complete, the book will be made available to the public in printed and electronic formats, in addition to here.

A. 7 Rules of Hillel

B. 13 Rules of Ishmael